Client’s Preparation Guide

for Bed Bug Extermination Service

Preparation Guide for Bed Bug Extermination Service.

How to prepare for the Bed Bug extermination service.

Methodology: For the reasons of safety, regulations and practicality, only some areas and articles will be treated with insecticide. Client will wash/heat-dry or dry-clean other articles. And some may be left as is.

Clothing, blankets, comforters, pillows and pillow cases, etc would be washed & warm dried or dry cleaned by client, before or soon after the treatment to avoid resurgence of Bed Bugs.

Closets, Drawers, Couches, Chairs, Bed Frame, Mattress-Box, Mattress, Baseboards, Cracks, Electrical Outlet Covers, and Surrounding Area will be some of the places where the treatment may be applied.

What is the Nature of the Treatment?

The insecticide used is a wettable powder which is dissolved in water for application. The spray employed is odourless and has a very light color. So it doesnot stain or damage typical surface. The insecticide has a very good residual quality and affects pests upon contact and not by smell, odour or vapours. So it is important that the surfaces where bed bugs are typically seen, are cleaned well in preparation for the treatment.

Before the treatment begins, the residents are to leave the area for at least 2 hours. The articles treated may be wet to touch and may need 30 minutes to 6 hours to dry, depending upon relative humidity, temperature and ventilation. Do not use mattress without sheets. We recommend using a fitted sheet and a flat sheet on the mattress.
It takes about 3 to 5 weeks for the Complete Elimination. Hence, it is requested that Client, Sanitize Clothing and Bedding Every Two Weeks to Suppress Possible Resurgence of the Pest.

How to prepare for Bed Bug Inspection and Extermination

Question: How should Client Prepare for the Treatment/Extermination?

In a nutshell, Cleanse Well and Reduce Clutter by Organising and Arranging Articles.

For faster and better results from the treatment:

Steam-Clean, Wet-Vacuum or Shampoo any carpeting. Mop any hardwood floors.
Vacuum the mattress, the box sping at the tufts, seams, handles, & buttons. Pay special attention to the hard box spring corner guards.
Also vacuum bed frame, baseboards and other objects and flooring near the bed.
If your bed frame is made of natural wood then pay attention to the little imperfections in the wood and any joints and holes. That’s where you might see the bed bugs. They usually remain still and do not move much without necessity.
Discard or Empty the Vacuum bag.

Thing that can be moved, should be moved at least 6 inches away from the walls to facilitate spraying of the baseboards.
If possible, arrange for better ventilation in the rooms to be treated, e.g. by opening windows a bit or setting up a fan. This will dry up the spray faster and the bed will become usable sooner. Have a pair of clean bed-sheets ready for use.

How to Handle Sanitization of Clothing and Bedding?

The articles that are to be sanitized and cleaned by the client may be too many and too much to be handled at once. This task can be broken up into smaller segments and prioritized by putting articles, not needed in near future, in large bags and sealed.
As needed the articles can be cleaned or washed and used on as needed basis. Please, treat fabrics according to manufacture’s directions in your sanitizing efforts.

Articles of immediate use may be warm washed and heat-dried or dry-cleaned as directed by the manufacturer, to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.