What’s a Bed Bug?


This image shows an adult Bed Bug besides a Canadian dollar coin. Canadian dollar is 26.5 mm in diameter and 1.95 mm in height, It is obvious that Bed Bugs have little height, though they have quite a bit of  horizontal size. They can easily crawl into spaces with little heights – as wide as a credit card. So all the slits and gaps in a bed frame are a potential nesting spot.
An Adult Bed Bug Besides a Canadian Dollar Coin
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An adult Bed Bug is about quarter of an inch in length, oval in shape (some are more elongated than others), with 6 legs, quite flat in height and reddish-brown of varying degrees in color.

A bed Bug’s head is broadly attached to its wingless body. A Bed Bug’s color ranges between shades of red and brown depending upon the timing and amount of it’s blood meal. The size, in terms of fatness, also depends upon the size of the last feeding.