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We deliver non-intrusive German Cockroach Extermination and Pest Control in Toronto utilizing latest technology in Bait matrix formulation by Bayer® or BASF®. This approach is fool proof and does not require you to empty cabinets or vacate your residence!

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is probably the most economically important pest. It is the most common cockroach you will find in a home or business. The German cockroach can be found in homes, apartments, hotels, motels, restaurants and other places throughout Ontario. There are other cockroaches that might be found more in other areas but the German cockroach is by far the most common species infesting homes and other areas.

Cockroaches can survive on very little carbohyderate food. But they must be able to maintain their body moisture. That’s why they live in tight spaces where the air hardly moves.

Appearance of German Cockroaches

The adults are about 1/2 to 5/8 inches long and have two dark stripes. Both sexes have wings but do not fly. Males can be distinguished from females by a tapering shape of the abdomen.

German cockroach babies, called nymphs, look like adults except they are smaller, have no wings and are darker in color, sometimes even black. One stripe running down the middle of the back is a prominent marking of the younger German cockroach nymph.

The female German cockroach carries the egg capsule protruding from her rear until the eggs are ready to hatch. The German cockroach is the only house-infesting species that carries the eggs capsule this long. This is what makes it the most presistant cockroach in the United States because they are less likely to be taken by predators.

German cockroaches usually hide in areas where there is ample food and moisture such as kitchens and other food areas but they can be found in other areas if they are stressed and as a result of a repellant insecticide somewhere else in the building or home. German cockroaches are attracted to fermented foods and beverage residues. If water is present, adults can live about a month without food, but young nymphs will die of starvation within 10 days. Without food or water the adults will die in about 2 weeks.

We suggest a commercially registered insecticide Bait application to exterminate German Cockroach.

Bait: It is a very palatable substance placed strategically so that the German Cockroach may find it easily during the foraging activities. These pesticides are commercially registered with the ministry of the environment, and can only be deployed by a licensed exterminator. Once German Cockroach ingests the deployed substance as a meal, it is considered to have had a lethal dose.

The bait is not instantly lethal to the German Cockroach. The advantage is that the bait will reach into German Cockroach nesting areas and will affect all German Cockroach. German Cockroach  would likely die off in the nesting areas and not in our living spaces. Since most baits are formulated such that they do not cause any immediate discomfort to the German Cockroach ; they are likely to have multiple feedings and encourage other members to feed as well.

Expected Results:

When the German Cockroach finds the Bait during normal foraging activities and ingests it as desirable food, then German Cockroach is considered to have had a lethal dose. The German Cockroach expire after some time having been affected by the presence of the active ingredient of the Bait in the German Cockroach’s physiology. The German Cockroach gets sick and dies off. The body debris of dead German Cockroach acts as secondary source of poisoning for the remainder population of German Cockroach. Thus the pest’s nesting environment is also turned into a terminal trap.


Our standard service includes a 7 months limited warranty. It may takes between 3 to 5 weeks for entire of the German Cockroach infestation to die off. If the infestation does not completely die off or if the German Cockroach infestation revives, then we deliver a second application free of cost. In rare instances where a 3rd application visit is requested within 7 months, it is considered an exceptional situation and a fee of 28% is charged for the service.