Bird Mites Extermination

and Pest Control in Toronto

Bird Mites Extermination

We deliver Bird Mites Extermination and Pest Control through advanced insecticides that have long residual strengths.

The spray is applied strategically as crack and crevice in key areas of their access, movement and foraging activities.

Bird Mites

Bird Mites are a general parasite of several kinds of birds.

The human annoyance is frequently associated with the absence of the normal host bird, leaving an infestation of mites in the nest area without a convenient source of food.

Northern Fowl Mite may be found on some birds in Ontario. When these mites no longer have access to their bird hosts, attacks on humans may occur. These bites can produce an itchy rash in some people. These mites may intrude indoor if there are birds nesting on and in the structure of a house.

The size of fowl mites varies from species to species, but most range between 0.5 and 1.1 mm in length.

The key to controlling bird mite infestations is to identify the source of the mites. In the home, the most common source of bird mites are abandoned birds’ nests near the home or in chimneys and eaves trough. The nest must be removed, and the surrounding area can be sprayed with insecticides.

Below you see bird dropping on the brick wall where the exhaust vent is situated. These dropping indicate a bird nest inside this exhaust duct. If these birds are infested with Mites, in time it can prove to be an issue for the residents of this home. It’s up to the home owner to remove the nest and do the necessary bird proofing of property. We would exterminate for Bird Mites inside and outside of the property as required.

The application of commercially registered insecticide Spray to exterminate Bird Mites.

First and foremost, we listen to your concerns and questions. Next, we inspect the structure and spaces thoroughly and devise a strategy that commonly involve deploying of commercially registered pesticides to exterminate Bird Mites.

Insecticide Spray: To exterminate Bird Mites successfully we employ contact based insecticide spray. These pesticides are commercially registered with the ministry of the environment, and can only be deployed by a licensed exterminator.

The areas of infestation must be cleared out of litter and debris and cleaned before the technician arrives for the application. All residents and pets must vacate for the duration of treatment plus two hours before returning. The insecticide spray is applied in key areas where the Bird Mites may nest or travel in search for food. Typically, it takes 3 to 5 weeks for entire population of Bird Mites to die off.

Expected Results:

When the Bird Mites comes into contact with the treated surfaces, the pest gets the insecticide on parts of its body, as well, gradually the pesticide reaches into and invades the pest’s nesting environment. The Bird Mites expire after some time having been affected by the presence of the active ingredient of the insecticide in the Bird Mites’s physiology.


Our standard service includes a 7 months limited warranty. It may takes between 3 to 5 weeks for entire of the Bird Mites infestation to die off. If the infestation does not completely die off or if the Bird Mites infestation revives, then we deliver a second application free of cost. In rare instances where a 3rd application visit is requested within 7 months, it is considered an exceptional situation and a fee of 28% is charged for the service.