Extended Protection

Through Our Bed Bug Extermination

What is “Extended Defense” against BedBugs?

Even though the pest control measures are applied to specifically targeted areas and surfaces, the Extermination results are guaranteed long into the future. It’s all because of the technique and the expertise. It is therefore, a practical certainty, that we observe more than 90% of the cases resolved with single application.

The insecticide spray we apply to the key areas converts those surfaces into killing mechanisims for BedBugs as they come into contact with them sooner or later. The effectiveness of this layer of pesticide maintains the residual effectiveness for many months. It is so, that even a new BedBug is brought in, it will die off in due time. Even though not all the BedBugs and their eggs could be directly sprayed in their nests, the smart and experienced exterminator would treat the area so that the Pests do come into contact with the trated surafce as close to their nest as possible.

That makes it certain that the BedBugs would not last long and multiply. That is what provides an active defence against, even the future, infiltrations.