Pest Control Toronto specializes in BedBug, Fleas, and Cockroaches Extermination.

Guaranteed Extermination

Pest Control Toronto delivers guaranteed extermination for parasites such as BedBugs, Fleas, Bird Mites and Dog Ticks.

Non Intrusive Application

We specialize in non-intrusive techniques for pest control and extermination of Cockroaches and all kinds of Ants including Carpenter Ants and Fire Ants.

Pesticides Insecticides Application

For the extermination of Moths, Flies, Centipedes, Millipedes, Silverfish, Wasp, Spiders and Potato Bugs, we use commercial insecticides spray applications.

An Adult Bed Bug

Bed Bugs

Not only we guarantee complete elimination of Bed Bugs, it typically takes only one visit and treatment by our experienced Pest Control professionals to get rid of the infestation. We offer a standard 7 month limited warranty for Bed Bug extermination.

A Cat and Dog Flea


It is less than 10% that a client of ours would need a second application when it comes to the complete extermination of Cat and Dog Fleas. We use insecticides spray application to get rid of Fleas.

A Cockroach


While Cockroaches are a persistent Pest, we pride ourselves in offering a least intrusive application where you do not need to empty cabinets, nor vacate the property. Cockroaches will be gone for good.