Pest Control Toronto

specializes in BedBug, Fleas, and Cockroaches Exterminations.

Guaranteed Extermination

Pest Control Toronto delivers guaranteed extermination for parasites such as Bed Bugs, Fleas, Bird Mites and Dog Ticks. As well Centipedes, Ants, Flies, Moths and Spiders. Our standard warranty is 7 months.

Non Intrusive Application

We specialize in several non-intrusive techniques for pest control and extermination and all our services include a seven months warranty as a standard.

Pesticides Insecticides Application

For the extermination of Moths, Flies, Centipedes, Millipedes, Silverfish, Wasp, Spiders and Potato Bugs, we use commercial insecticides spray applications.

An Adult Bed Bug

Bed Bugs


We deliver complete Bed Bugs Extermination though dual insecticides application where different components of a sleeping arrangements are treated with due care and attention. Most often it is single treatment that is sufficient to completely eradicate Bed Bugs.

A Cat and Dog Flea



We have 100% success rate for Fleas Extermination though our insecticides spray program. Cat and Dog Fleas get impacted by contact with all the key treated surfaces and ie off over the course of time. The residual of the treatment is so effective that even Fleas eggs hatch but then the Fleas die off.

A Cockroach



While Cockroaches are a persistent Pest, we pride ourselves in delivering a least intrusive technique for Cockroach Extermination where you do not need to empty cabinets, nor vacate the property. Cockroaches will be eliminated completely.

A Mouse / Rat / Rodent



For Mice Extermination to be fool proof, we deploy leading bait formulations that are happily taken up by Mice foraging around the property. It takes a few weeks for all the Mice to ingest lethal dose and be eliminated.