Green Pest Control and IPM

Integrated Pest Management approach at Pest Control Toronto.

IPM and Green approach.

We practice Integrated Pest Management and Green Pest Control techniques.

We are a Pest Control Services provider in Toronto helping homes and business alike for over a decade. All of our exterminators are fully licensed by the Ministry of the Environment, Ontario and are fully insured and bonded.

We always try to employ least intrusive and least toxic techniques for Pest Extermination. For Pests, such as Ants, Cockroaches and Mice, we use bait technique. The Bait technique only affects the targeted Pest and not the environment in general.

Secondly, if physical controls can be of use, we strongly recommend them. These could be the clearing of decaying organic material that Pest may be feeding on. It may be a leaking faucet proving to be vital source of water for coackroaches. These could be the pantry foods that are left in bags where mice could be feeding off.

Every Pest and property that it is infesting would have their unique situation. It is only after a thorough inspection that our exterminator would present all possible solutions for the problem at hand. We would proceed with any treatments only with your full consent and approval.

We’re on a Quest for a Pest Free Living™