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American Cockroach

Brown Banded Cockroach

The Brown Banded Cockroach is the 2nd most common pest cockroach in Toronto area homes. It is the more tolerant of lack of water and hence moves further and further into our structures.

The Habitat of Brown Banded Cockroach:

Brown Banded cockroaches would eat anything that contains even minimal of nutrient value such as glue let alone starchy foods. They even seek human body fluids and sweat along with skin flakes left on our clothing.

The Threats posed by Brown Banded Cockroach:

Brown Banded cockroaches would cause damage by feeding in all food storage areas and food preparation areas where there is always plenty of water moisture left behind. Brown Banded cockroaches carry bacteria and protozoa on their legs from place to place – contaminating our foods and kitchen utensils!

We suggest a commercially registered insecticide Bait application to exterminate Brown Banded Cockroaches.

Bait: It is a very palatable substance placed strategically so that the Brown Banded Cockroaches may find it easily during the foraging activities. These pesticides are commercially registered with the ministry of the environment, and can only be deployed by a licensed exterminator. Once Brown Banded Cockroaches ingests the deployed substance as a meal, it is considered to have had a lethal dose.

The bait is not instantly lethal to the Brown Banded Cockroaches. The advantage is that the bait will reach into Brown Banded Cockroaches nesting areas and will affect all Brown Banded Cockroaches. Brown Banded Cockroaches  would likely die off in the nesting areas and not in our living spaces. Since most baits are formulated such that they do not cause any immediate discomfort to the Brown Banded Cockroaches ; they are likely to have multiple feedings and encourage other members to feed as well.