Ants Pest Control

and Extermination in Toronto


These social insects forage for food inside our homes and in our gardens. They cause damage to our food stores and at times weaken our structures.

Some of the most common pest species of ants in Toronto area are:

Pavement Ants, Carpenter Ants, Fire Ants and Pharaoh Ants.

Please use one of the link above for a specie specific document.

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Our preferred extermination technique for an infestation of Ants

We would inspect and determine if Bait or Spray is more appropriate in the given situation.

Typically, if the ants inside the property are interested in foods, we would deploy suitable baits. Ants will find this bait during their foraging activities. Ants will not only feed on this bait but also carry it back to the nest to feed the Ants that are devoted to maintaining the colony. Some Ants may have multiple feeding on the deployed bait as the bait’s lethal characteristics do not become evident immediately upon ingestion.

So in most situation, by about 5 weeks time, most Ants would have become affected by the hidden poison in the bait. We expect that all Ants would have expired by now. The bait is usually in the form of a paste or a gel or is granular.

Expected Results:

When the Ants finds the Bait during normal foraging activities and ingests it as desirable food, then Ants is considered to have had a lethal dose. The Ants expire after some time having been affected by the presence of the active ingredient of the Bait in the Ants’s physiology. The Ants gets sick and dies off. The body debris of dead Ants acts as secondary source of poisoning for the remainder population of Ants. Thus the pest’s nesting environment is also turned into a terminal trap.


Our standard service includes a 7 months limited warranty. It may takes between 3 to 5 weeks for entire of the Ants infestation to die off. If the infestation does not completely die off or if the Ants infestation revives, then we deliver a second application free of cost. In rare instances where a 3rd application visit is requested within 7 months, it is considered an exceptional situation and a fee of 28% is charged for the service.

incredible bait feeding sight of ants